How to learn to play Counter Strike better

How to learn

Play with people who are slightly better than you. If you play with those who are playing much worse than you or those who are playing much better than you, then don’t expect to progress. Change servers as your skill increases.

Close all applications that burden your computer when you play. Also, shut down any resources that are taking up your network access channel. Stopping the game in Counter Strike has a huge impact on the quality of the game.

Turn up the volume to maximum! Sound is very important for Counter Strike. If you listen to the sound of footsteps, you might find someone with a knife at the ready coming up behind you! You’ll know when to lay low and when to move silently (default is shift) from the sound of your footsteps. Keep in mind that Counter Strike has a few different step sounds depending on what you’re walking on.

Join a League! There are leagues for players of varying degrees of hand curvature. Most of the games in these are played on 5×5 cards with bombs. There are some leagues that are more peaceful but you won’t find any serious players in them.

Get lots of practice! Practice for a few days a week, this will prepare you for future battles.

Communicate in-game only when you’ve been killed. Obviously if you’re speaking by voice this advice becomes meaningless but if you don’t have a microphone you should know that every line of text you type into the chat room is wasted time. Again, many people ignore radio commands, and don’t expect the team to gather around you after pressing “c3”. Only use radio commands if you know for sure they will be heard.

How to move

  1. Don’t just stand there, keep moving! Go around corners, jump and sit down – just in case there is someone lurking with a gun. This tactic is especially good against snipers, but it’s justified even in the closed space. Move quickly, always aim at the head (unless you know that your opponent crouched down).
  2. Do not crouch down unnecessarily. However, crouching down doesn’t improve your aiming – it just slows down your own movements. Snipers don’t need to crouch down at all! Only if you want to hide somewhere and take cover.
  3. Run in a crowd of partners. If you run out alone against a crowd of enemies, then, most likely, you’re the same and there will die (unless you’re not a pro, but the pro unlikely to read this article). Run in teams with partners and watch out for grenades.
  4. Snipers need to stop when they aim. By moving, you knock down your aim and miss. Stop and let your shots hit you dead on!