Privacy Policy


We use so-called “cookies”. Cookies are small text files that are stored on a computer or other device such as a tablet or telephone when a visitor views or uses our website. Because some cookies can be traced to personal preferences, they fall under personal data.

The purpose of the use of cookies:

  • To allow the website to function properly or better by, for example, recognising the visitor and thus providing a better service.
  • Traffic analysis on a website with the aim of identifying potential improvements.
  • Recording visitor surfing behaviour with the aim of being able to make more targeted offers.

You can decide yourself whether to accept or refuse cookies. Most internet browsers are set to accept cookies automatically by default. You can, however, change the settings of your browser to prevent this. The Help function of your internet browser shows how you can block cookies. When you choose this, it is possible that certain parts of the website do not function optimally or are not accessible. It is also possible to adjust the settings so you receive a notification before a cookie is saved.

We do not keep unique personal data. Visitors to our website remain anonymous. Therefore, no information is included in our cookies that can be traced back to individual persons. We deal with the data collected by means of cookies confidentially.

How long we store your data

We do not store your personal data longer than is necessary for the purpose for which we process the data.Answering your questions: your name and contact details are kept for as long as necessary for us to answer your questions.