States where esports betting is legal

Esports, the competitive realm of video gaming, has seen exponential growth over the past few years. With its rise, esports betting has also surged in popularity, offering a fresh and exciting avenue for punters. However, the legal landscape for esports betting varies across countries and regions. For African bettors, understanding where esports betting is legal becomes paramount. This article delves into the states in Africa where you can legally place your bets on esports events.

1. South Africa

Legality Status: Legal (with regulations)

South Africa stands out as one of the pioneers in legalizing esports betting on the African continent. The country’s National Gambling Act allows licensed operators to offer bets on esports. However, punters should ensure they’re betting with licensed bookmakers to stay within the confines of the law.

Example: Betway, a renowned bookmaker, offers esports betting options for South African punters, covering popular games like ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ and ‘League of Legends’.

2. Kenya

Legality Status: Legal (under sports betting)

Kenya’s Betting Control and Licensing Board recognizes esports as a form of sports betting. As a result, as long as the bookmaker has a license to operate in Kenya, they can offer esports betting.

Example: SportPesa, a popular Kenyan betting platform, has occasionally featured esports events, allowing local punters to place bets on major tournaments.

3. Nigeria

Legality Status: Ambiguous

Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest betting markets, has a somewhat unclear stance on esports betting. While sports betting is legal and well-regulated, esports falls into a gray area. However, some licensed bookmakers do offer esports betting options without facing legal repercussions.

Example: NairaBet, a leading Nigerian bookmaker, provides betting options for various esports events, from Dota 2 tournaments to FIFA esports matches.

4. Ghana

Legality Status: Legal (under sports betting)

In Ghana, the Gaming Commission classifies esports under sports betting. Licensed operators can, therefore, offer esports betting options to Ghanaians.

Example: Betway Ghana includes esports as part of its betting catalog, giving Ghanaians the chance to bet on their favorite esports teams and events.

5. Uganda

Legality Status: Legal (with regulations)

Uganda’s National Gaming Board allows licensed operators to offer esports betting. However, strict regulations mean that not all bookmakers provide this option.

Example: ForteBet, a prominent Ugandan bookmaker, has been known to offer odds on major esports events, especially during big tournaments.

6. Morocco

Legality Status: Ambiguous

While Morocco has a rich gaming culture, the legal status of esports betting remains unclear. Traditional sports betting is permitted, and some bookmakers have ventured into esports without facing legal issues.

Example: Local bettors might find international bookmakers, like bet365, offering esports betting options for Moroccan users.

7. Egypt

Legality Status: Ambiguous

Egypt, known for its vibrant youth and gaming communities, has an unclear stance on esports betting. While there’s no explicit law against it, punters should exercise caution and bet through reputable platforms.

Example: International platforms like 1xBet might cater to Egyptian esports enthusiasts, offering a range of betting options for major esports events.

8. Tunisia

Legality Status: Ambiguous

Tunisia, like many African countries, is still warming up to the idea of esports. The legal framework around esports betting is not explicitly defined, but punters often access international bookmakers to place their bets.

Example: Betway, accessible in Tunisia, provides a platform for Tunisian punters to explore esports betting.


As a punter, it’s crucial to stay informed about the legal status in your specific state and always opt for licensed and reputable bookmakers. As esports continues to grow, it’s hopeful that more African countries will recognize and regulate this exciting betting avenue, offering clearer guidelines for enthusiasts across the continent.