4 CS:GO weapons that no one has noticed, but they’re cool

They’ve been ignored for nothing.

The AK-47 and AWP have always been staple guns in Counter-Strike. Even minor nerfs have not reduced their popularity among players. The other weapons were not so lucky – it took them years of revisions for the players to pay attention to them.

We looked back at 4 CS:GO weapons that didn’t become popular until much later.

Dual Berettas

Berettas are now often taken on pistol and eco-rounds – the cowboy device has supplanted the P250. But prior to that 9 years no one noticed the Dual Berrettas because they cost too much. At the release of CS:GO they cost as much as $600! Over time, the price was reduced several times until it reached $300. It was only then that players turned their attention to Berettas, which turned out to be excellent pistols to take on a crowd of opponents on point.

AUG and SG-553.

Sometimes players go years without noticing the cool guns. That was the case with the AUG and Krieg until their meta began in 2018. Then the AUG supplanted the Emka in popularity, and the AK-47 had a competitor for the first time.

But many players didn’t like the new imbalanced scope guns, as they required almost no skill to play with them. The saying “No hands, take the AUG” was extremely popular in matchmaking at the time. Valve took the feedback from disgruntled players and started the process of nullification – over the course of a year the developers gradually worsened both guns, markedly reducing their rate of fire and raising their price. At some point the AUG and SG-553 were weakened so much that they became useless again.


The MP9 didn’t become the most popular farmgun until 2017. Unlike previous guns, it wasn’t updated in any way. Everyone started playing with it because of the serious nerve of the UMP-45 – the submachine gun was severely reduced in damage, which made it weaker than the MP9 in many characteristics.

The MP9 has the best velocity in the game, so the gun became an ideal option for playing against eco and force rounds, when you need to quickly shoot a crowd of enemies.

What CS:GO weapon(s) did you spend a lot of time ignoring and then buying?