How to choose the right hero in Dota 2

Dota 2 is a game of the MOBA genre – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Two teams of “light” and “dark” battle each other. The objective is to destroy the enemy’s camp – the enemy’s throne (a tree of life for the forces of light, a dark portal for the forces of darkness), which is protected by a series of towers. Each player controls one hero with his own abilities.

How to choose a hero correctly

  • Take into account the pros and cons of the heroes that have been chosen by the team. It is important that the team has heroes in all five positions. When selecting, you need to take into account the following points in the game
  • Damage to heroes. It is necessary that the team has one or more heroes who can kill the opponent quickly and effectively (Anti-Mage, Spectre) and characters possessing spells (Zeus, Lina).
  • Damage to towers/buildings. There are plenty of heroes that are effective at taking down opponents on the map, but are completely incapable of destroying buildings. So you should also pick a hero to help destroy towers and move the line. For example: Nature Prophet, Broodmother.
  • Stun is one of the most effective spells in Dota 2. Heroes with mass stun abilities are always popular and relevant in the professional game. Heroes are Tidehunter, Sven.
  • Life powers. In a team, you need to have heroes that won’t die quickly in mass battles. So, the team should take care of a strong tank and if possible take more hardy characters: Bristleback, Dragon Knight, Axe.

How do I “contra pick”?

For example, if the opposing team has most heroes with strong magical abilities, you can take Anti-Mage, whose passive ability is to “cut out” mana (a resource for spells) from the opposing team. Also, the ultimagic ability works best against mages. On the other hand, Anti-Mage is a fairly situational hero, and there are a lot of characters that can be limited by it. For example, heroes that deal pure (non-magic) damage are Phantom Assassin, Axe, Legion Commander.